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Well, I am an average working man.  I work in an office doing sales for a large corporation.  It makes me want to blow my brains out constantly.  My wife, Susan, is a cheating whore but going through the process of a divorce is enough to make a man want to eat an entire bottle of Xanax after writing “SUCK THIS” on his chest with an arrow pointed down to his cock.  Just to get a few laughs on the way up to meet the big guy.

I have a ten-year-old son at the time of writing this.  He’s an obsessive-compulsive nutjob with a fethish for the number nine.  We say he is nine plus one.  My daughter is the Antichrist, literally.  Do not fuck with her.

So, back to why I’m not six feet under right now.  Well, one day I had enough.  I was tired of taking shit from everyone.  It was pure freedom.  I snapped and started exacting revenge on every sloth bucket who wronged me.  The offense did not matter.  Mankind is full of stupid assholes that need taught a lesson.  I feel I am doing a service to humanity by chronicling my exploits, because I know there is an army of Larrites out there who are just as perturbed with the fuckery as I am.  For you, I have written many books.  You can find them under the books tab above or at the links below.  Enjoy, and always remember to share with your fellow Larrites, in order that we may turn the world into a decent place, devoid of all Darwin dodgers.  Toodles!

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